Obama Has Special Forces Operating in 75 Nations

Is al-Qaeda Battle a 75 Front War?

With reports emerging that the Pentagon is looking to divert bigger portions of its budget to combat operations, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the Obama Administration’s global war on terror is more global than anyone thought.

In fact it turns out that the US military is operating covertly in at least 75 countries, carrying out “missions against al-Qaeda” around the planet. The number of operations is said to have increased enormously since President Obama took office.

Officials also acknowledged that President Obama was allowing a lot of things “that the previous administration did not” and that it was “willing to get aggressive much more quickly.

That last revelation is perhaps hardly surprising when one considers the repeated and massive escalations in drone attacks, something which the administration hasn’t been as successful in keeping secret, and the very public escalations of the Afghan War, which has gone from some 30,000 US troops to nearly 100,000 in less than 18 months. Whether in public or in private, the administration seems to be taking hawkishness to new levels.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.