US Sanctions Push Puts Iran Nuclear Deal at Risk

Iranian MP Suggests Enrichment Deal Could Be Canceled

Though US officials have continued to express hopes that the new UN Security Council sanctions being pursued against Iran “might work” in some shape or form, the immediate effect seems to be that it will ruin the third party enrichment deal reached earlier this week.

Iranian MP Mohammad Reza Bahonar said today that if the sanctions are passed it is entirely possible that the commitment to send 1,200 kg of uranium hexafluoride to Turkey would be canceled.

Iran, Turkey and Brazil announced the enrichment deal on Monday, providing details which showed it to be materially the same as the October deal sought by the US.

Since then the US has condemned the deal, and suggested that it wasn’t particularly interested in the deal in the first place. The deal would have provided Iran with needed fuel for a medical isotope reactor in Tehran and also significantly reduced the size of its low enriched uranium stockpile.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of