US Won’t Impose Peace Plan on Israel

Netanyahu Vows Not to Be 'Forced' into Peace

Reports emerging earlier in the day that President Obama was considering submitting a new peace proposal by the fall were met with consternation by the Israeli government and a quick reassurance by the State Department that all American proposals are strictly optional for the Netanyahu government.

State Department spokesman Philip Crowley quickly insisted that the US would never try to impose any specific peace proposal on the Israeli government, and insisted that they would imply suggest ideas aimed at restarting negotiations.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was said to have met with aides after the initial report was leaked and reassured his coalition allies, many of whom are against peace with the Palestinians on general principle, that he would never allow any deal that would be “forced” on Israel.

Tensions between the Obama Administration and the Israeli government have become apparent after last month’s US effort to start indirect peace talks was sabotaged by Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who announced a major settlement expansion the day Vice President Biden was to meet with Palestinians on the particulars.

Since then the US has been unable to convince the Palestinians to agree to talks without a pledged settlement freeze. Netanyahu has ruled the freeze out and reiterated today that no progress was made on working out disagreements with the US on the issue.

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