At Least Six NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan

Few Details Given on Series of Attacks Across the Nation

At least six NATO soldiers were killed today in five separate attacks across Afghanistan. The nationalities of the soldiers were not yet made public, and the locations of the attacks were vague.

The only specific location was an attack against a NATO convoy in Kandahar, between the airport and the city. The attacker reportedly detonated a car bomb near the convoy, tossing a vehicle into a ravine. One NATO soldier died in the attack.

Other attacks included a mortar strike in western Afghanistan, killing two, a rocket attack in eastern Afghanistan killing one, a small arms gunbattle in the south killing one, and a roadside bomb in the south killing one.

The mounting death toll among both civilians and NATO forces have been fueling opposition to the nearly nine year long war. Predictions of another record toll in 2010 have been long-standing, and as winter slowly comes to an end it seems violence is poised to spike once again.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of