Yemen Rules Out Foreign Troops On Its Soil

US Pledges Expanded Aid, Including More Troops for Training Program

The Yemeni Defense Ministry’s official newspaper today ruled out allowing foreign forces into Yemen, saying “Yemen has never and will never accept any foreign troops on its territories.

But of course, Yemen already has a US military contingent of unknown size on the ground, participating in training operations to prepare the military for its assorted wars, particularly the one with al-Qaeda.

And this force is expected to increase in size, as the Obama Administration today announced plans to expand its military support for the nation as well as a new package of civilian aid aimed at long-term development of the nation.

Yemen is facing an uphill battle fighting al-Qaeda, as they are already in the midst of two unrelated civil wars on opposite sides of the country. US Congressmen have floated the idea of an American invasion of Yemen, but so far the Obama Administration says it has no plans to send any combat troops.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of