Gen. McChrystal Warns of Growing Indian Influence in Afghanistan

Cautions India's Role Will 'Exacerbate Regional Tensions'

The day General Stanley McChrystal’s heavily redacted assessment of the war in Afghanistan came out, it was reported that he accused Iran of having a “troubling influence” in the nation. The next day, it was noted that he accused the Pakistani government of aiding the Taliban.

But General McChrystal is nothing if not an equal opportunity accuser. Now, the general is reported as having complained about India’s “growing influence” in Afghanistan, leaving him having accused Afghanistan’s three largest neighbors of causing problems.

Yet Gen. McChrystal’s complaints about India don’t involve any support for militants. Incredibly enough, he’s complaining the nation is too close with the US-installed Afghan government, and says that this will only “exacerbate regional tensions” and encourage Pakistan to take action.

The July 2008 bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul underscores this concern. Officials were quick to blame Pakistan for the attack, and Bush Administration officials even claimed to have evidence that the Pakistani ISI was involved in the attack.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of