Israel, ElBaradei Trade Condemnations Over Syria Investigation

ElBaradei Calls 2007 Israeli Attack 'a Clear Violation of International Law'

Israeli Ambassador Israel Michaeli publicly chastised International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) head Muhamed ElBaradei today for what he called “political bias” in his investigation of Israeli accusations of Syrian activity. Michaeli added that if ElBaradei wanted Israeli cooperation he should “refrain from publicly lashing at Israel.”

ElBaradei angrily denied the accusation of bias, adding that international law applies to every nation and that the 2007 Israeli attack on the alleged Syrian facility was “not only making it almost impossible for us to establish the facts, but it was a clear violation of international law.”

ElBaradei wasn’t finished. He also pointed out that Israel isn’t even a signatory to the non-proliferation agreement and that “we would appreciate you stop preaching to us how we can do our jobs.” He added that Israel “cannot sit on the fence, making use of the system without being accountable.”

Western officials have accused Syria of constructing a gas graphite nuclear reactor at the site of the attack, and the US has claimed to have “growing evidence of clandestine nuclear activities.” The IAEA investigated the site after its destruction by Israel, but found only minute traces of uranium. ElBaradei has repeatedly pointed out the investigation would’ve been much simpler if they had been informed of the facility in the first place instead of several months after its destruction.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of