Gen. Craddock: Afghan Drug War to Escalate in ‘Next Several Days’

NATO Supreme Commander Promises Activities 'Will Be Helpful'

NATO Supreme Commander General John Craddock made headlines recently when a leaked classified “guidance” document showed he urged NATO commanders operating in Afghanistan to kill anyone involved in the drug trade in Afghanistan, whether or not they were involved in the insurgency in any way.

Gen. Craddock’s longstanding efforts to transform the war in Afghanistan into a war on drugs didn’t sit well with many of the commanders on the ground, many of whom believe that killing people unrelated to the insurgency would simply create new enemies. Craddock has maintained that the drug war is vital to the overall mission, though he seems to have a difficult time convincing others of that. He seems to believe things are about to change however.

During the Munich security conference, the general promised that new operations against drug lords and labs would begin within the “next several days.” It is unclear exactly what this will entail, though Craddock assures that “activities and actions will occur soon that will be helpful.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of