Pakistan: 60 ‘Hardcore’ Militants Killed in Mohmand Offensive

Locals Say Civilian Casualties Much Larger Than Officially Admitted

According to the Pakistani government, a military offensive against what they described as “hardcore militants” left at least 60 militants dead, and an unknown number of others wounded in the last 24 hours. The forces, backed by artillery, helicopter gunships and war planes, pounded the border Mohmand Agency, and they claim to have secured “a large area in the troubled district” and destroyed a number of militant strongholds. At least seven local Taliban leaders were named among the dead.

The Pakistani government emphasized the offensive, coming at a time when CENTCOM commander General David Petraeus was visiting the nation for high-level talks. Pakistan has been attempting to underscore its military commitment to the border with Afghanistan at a time when many of its forces have been redeployed along the Indian border.

Officially, the operation also killed two civilians and injured an unknown number of others. Local residents however say that the civilian toll in the Pakistani attack was much higher than the officials were willing to admit.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of