Obama Spokeswoman Denies President-Elect Would Talk With Hamas

Insists "Unsourced" Guardian Story is Not Accurate

Responding to last night’s report from The Guardian, Barack Obama’s chief national security spokeswoman Brooke Anderson has denied that the Obama Administration would ever participate in secret low level talks with the Hamas government.

The President-elect has repeatedly stated that he believes that Hamas is a terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction, and that we should not deal with them,” Anderson insisted, adding “the President-elect’s repeated statements are accurate, this unsourced story is not.

The Guardian article actually cites several sources including Obama appointee Richard Haass, though most of them are left unnamed and described as “sources close to the transition team,” or a “potential contender for a foreign policy role.”

The report says the talks would likely involve secret envoys or third-party intermediaries, so the American public may well never know which version of the Obama Administration’s intentions come to pass.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.