Trump Spokesman: No Evidence Russia Influenced Outcome of US Election

Trump Spokesman: No Evidence Russia Influenced Outcome of US Election | Warns against jumping to conclusions before final report

President-elect Donald Trump’s Spokesman Sean Spicer today said he believed it was “irresponsible” for people to jump to conclusions about the allegations that Russia “hacked the election,” cautioning people to wait for the final report before they decide on anything.

“There is zero evidence that they influenced the election,” Spicer insisted, which is actually something of a shift, as previously the Trump camp has uniformly denied any Russia involvement, and this could be seen, intentionally or not, as shifting toward arguing the involvement was not meaningful.

The Obama Administration announced a flurry of sanctions against Russia last week, which they termed part of their “retaliation” against Russia for the alleged hacks. Spicer warned over the weekend he thought such measures might be “disproportionate” to what is being alleged.

Spicer also addressed Trump’s comments voer the weekend, in which he promised to reveal “things that other people don’t know,” insisting Trump wasn’t going to reveal anything classified, but was rather going to talk about conclusions “and where he thinks things stand.”

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  • RickR35

    We all can imagine what sort of nonsense the “final report” is going to fabricate so we might as well conclude the truth way before it.

    • Don

      Both political parties have said unequivocally that there is not going to be any peaceful relations with Russia. You don’t need a report that can be blamed on Obama.
      Does anyone expect a retiring president to go against the wishes of both parties and probably about 90% of the people?

      And fwiw looking forward a bit, does anybody think Trump will do any different than Obama? LOL

      luv from Canada.

      • Bianca

        Where did you find 90% of people? How many people voted for Trump, knowing full well what he said about relationship with Russia and about Putin. And just go listen to conservative sites, and you will hear nothing but support for Trump’s emphasis on restoring relationships to Russia, you will hear endless reports on the reason Putin is good leader, and why is he popular in Europe, in spite of endless, 24/7, 365 pounding of anti-Russia hysteria on all mainstream media and the mainstream politicians. They just cannot control what people think any more. Elections may not change things much in Europe, as it is much easier to rig the system there then in US, with multi-party games. But even with “win” for mainstream parties, no European country is going to be the same again after reckless Soros Foundation assisted migration, managed to have all European leaders fall in line like sheep, and allowed millions of refugees to just come in, and overwhelm stable communities.
        It is amazing that to be a more cautious, conservative, is such a sin in globalist-indoctrinated societies.

        • Don

          90% was an educated guess but you should check it out and get back to me. And remember, the 75% on this site that are in favour of improving relations with Russia are about .0000001% of the American people. That’s an indication of the perspective we all lose when we only frequent sites that claim to be progressive. (in the true sense of the word, progressive)

          My evidence is: The R party are completely and totally against better relations. The D party are too obviously.

          Your evidence that I’m wrong is going to have to be based on some knowledge of the people’s opinions. It’s possible but it’s so unlikely that either party would be bucking the popular trend.

          Challenge me with some evidence if it makes any difference to you. What Trump said won’t do it and I think you have to agree on that. And I sure hope you win the challenge!

          fwiw, after your sentence about pounding 24/7 & 365 seems to be off topic for a response.

  • curmudgeonvt

    I think Obama is going to delay releasing this “final report” (which will most likely contain nothing new) until the day before he leaves – and is then unavailable to answer questions – busy packing, you know.

  • David S

    The TRUTH impacted the election. That is what upsets the status quo. They have paid out hundreds of billions, bought and consolidated virtually all the mainstream media sources under a small number of global umbrella corporations. They believed they had total control of the truth but somehow some slipped out and the people believed this truth more than their non-stop lies. Now they are resorting to their old stand-by of scapegoating, invoking old “red scare” propaganda, etc. to try and throw off the scent of their complicity in the lies and their failure to be the “free press” they have always claimed.

    • Don

      Try this David:
      The email hack didn’t impact the election.
      The email hack didn’t impact the election.
      The email hack didn’t impact the election.

      Here’s your re-education:
      Both parties are trying to demonize Putin/Russia
      Both parties are trying to demonize Putin/Russia..
      Both parties are trying to demonize Putin/Russia.

      Russia must be the enemy in order for the US to continue it’s conquest of the ME. Russia is stopping that from happening by interfering and bringing peace to Syria. Which also puts a peaceful outlook on Iran.

      And sadly, Trump will fold and things will be almost back to normal. All except Russia’s MAD threat to further US aggression in the ME.

    • Bianca

      They are not getting it. Piling lies on atop earlier lies. But no problem, that will be also — Putin’s fault.

  • richardstevenhack

    You can’t influence the election if you didn’t try to do anything to influence the election. Since there is zero evidence Russia did anything, there is zero evidence they tried to influence anything.

    This is simple logic which is getting lost in the “did they try to influence by their hacking” nonsense.

    Repeat for the retarded:

    1) There is zero evidence that the DNC leak at least was anything but a leak, not a hack.

    2) There is no non-circumstantial, non-spoofable evidence that Russian hackers were involved at all in any of the alleged hacks.

    3) There is ZERO evidence proving the Russian government was behind any of the alleged hacks.

    4) One of the primary pieces of evidence – the PHP malware – has proven to be Ukrainian in origin and open source, i.e., available to anyone who know about it. This makes it very possible that Ukraine hackers were behind any alleged hacks in an attempt to frame Russia for them.

    5) Using common sense instead of James Bond movies as your basis, there is is little reason Russia would even want to try to influence the election, and ZERO reason to believe they would do so as clumsily as the alleged “evidence” indicates they did.

    • Don

      You Americans are all doing far too much fretting over this. Of course Russia didn’t do anything to influence your election. It’s just that it’s being stuffed into your ears and up your asses constantly and furthermore, you still have the commie boogeyman in your brains that are saying, maybe Putin did, maybe Putin did.

      But good post anyway for Americans who always need propping up. The rest of us, no need for any help. It’s as easy for us as figuring out who the bad guys who are dropping bombs around the world are!

  • Bianca

    Let’s see. ZERO evidence, means….. zero evidence? Or does it mean really, zero evidence? Perhaps, just z-e-r-o EVIDENCE? Back to depends on what do we mean by IT? Do we mean really zero, like in zero evidence, or is it a slight shift in meaning?

    • Don

      Zero is meaningless in the propaganda campaign to demonize Putin/Russia. Both political parties are intent on doing it and the American people are solidly behind them. Don’t sweat the obvious, it’ll drive you crazy trying to figure it out. Think 1984 and Orwell.

      And prepare for the big defeat on this, or more likely, the big letdown when Trump caves. Accepting that is easier if you think in terms of things Obama tried to do good for your country when all the people and both parties opposed him. Just look at how he’s hated for that ‘bad’ deal with Iran. Do you think this thing is going to be different for Trump, even if he was being honest?