Trump Spokesman: No Evidence Russia Influenced Outcome of US Election

Warns Against Jumping to Conclusions Before Final Report

President-elect Donald Trump’s Spokesman Sean Spicer today said he believed it was “irresponsible” for people to jump to conclusions about the allegations that Russia “hacked the election,” cautioning people to wait for the final report before they decide on anything.

“There is zero evidence that they influenced the election,” Spicer insisted, which is actually something of a shift, as previously the Trump camp has uniformly denied any Russia involvement, and this could be seen, intentionally or not, as shifting toward arguing the involvement was not meaningful.

The Obama Administration announced a flurry of sanctions against Russia last week, which they termed part of their “retaliation” against Russia for the alleged hacks. Spicer warned over the weekend he thought such measures might be “disproportionate” to what is being alleged.

Spicer also addressed Trump’s comments voer the weekend, in which he promised to reveal “things that other people don’t know,” insisting Trump wasn’t going to reveal anything classified, but was rather going to talk about conclusions “and where he thinks things stand.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of