US Riled as Iran Buys Bauxite Ore From Germany, France

Treasury Dept Announces 'Loophole' Closed

The US Treasury Department has announced an array of new sanctions aimed at denying Iran even theoretical access to unrefined ore that could be used to produce aluminum, since conceivably aluminum could have “military uses.”

The sanctions “blacklist” the acquisition of raw bauxite ore by Iran, as well as myriad other raw materials that could be refined. The sanctions also ban Iran from acquiring coal, gold, silver and platinum.

Iran has reportedly been buying “relatively low amounts” of high purity ore, which for some reason is being dubbed “missile-grade” even though the designation appears to be entirely meaningless.

Experts say Iran is keen is develop alumina-based ceramics for a myriad of uses, and that conceivably they could be used for military purposes, though exactly how this development is even conceivably in violation of international law remains entirely unstated.

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