Israeli Govt. Abandons Pledge, Will Subsidize More Settlement Homes

Israeli Govt. Abandons Pledge, Will Subsidize More Settlement Homes | Announcement sets stage for awkward Clinton visit

Israeli officials have announced that despite a previous pledge not to do so, they are going to grant government subsidies for the construction of another 500 homes in the occupied West Bank.

The subsidies are the result of the controversial “national priority” map, in which Israel singles out areas it wants to encourage construction in. The inclusion of settlements means that they are also eligible for subsidies.

In the face of diplomatic pressure, Israel had rushed through a promise that they wouldn’t subsidize in the settlements, terming the initial inclusion a “mistake.” Despite this, the funds are being used for construction in Efrat.

Government spokesman Mark Regev, who was among those who initially promised the subsidies didn’t apply to the West Bank, defended the move, saying that there was no problem in subsidizing Efrat because “the same conditions apply to 600 communities throughout the country.”

The announcement will likely make Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit particularly awkward, just the latest in a long line of US visits that have come unglued in the face of more settlement construction.

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  • LoneWolfWarrior

    Money provided by the American taxpayers to Israel with the approval of the Zionist controlled American Government.

  • fedup

    Want Peace? End ALL Foreign Aid

  • peter vojta

    ME Nazies at work?…what else to say?
    Islamic shrine stands in the former temple area of Jahves temple and because fz. according Galatians 3:26-29, those who belong to Christ and who are spirit-begetton sons of God "are really Abrahams seed"….Kingdom of God was taken from Jews long ago and offered to "Eartly nations" – Bible say…
    So, how should we see events in modern-day Israel? Merely as part of global development foretold in the Bible. These include wars, lawlessness, cooling off of love for God, and love of money.
    It will be big suprice in near future for many Jews worchiping "eartly" Jerusalem…for masse will according scriptures approach Mount Zion and a city of living God, heavenly Jerusalem!!!, and myriard of angels.
    Nowhere in Old Testament, nowhere, is reference to "Zionist colonization project" rejectig Gods commandments and support for endless horrors of aggression and theft of land! Nowhere!!!!peter czech

  • peter vojta

    US citizens will pay for this illegal enterprice, US soldiers will be dying in wars for Israel…and in return, Israel will blow time to time US citizens/soldiers away! via false flag attack in Houses, Ships or Planes etc. Good deal!!! peter czech

  • Tommy

    The Israeli government is a criminal enterprise at heart, and will be made to feel the pain in due time. They are professional liars, and manipulators. They are not "our" friend, nor are they one that can be trusted.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    They don't even have to try to hide their intentions anymore. The American media will take care of that for them.

  • byrd_bahls22

    You scratch my back, I will stab yours.

    • Mike

      You scratch my back, I will stab yours…and…..I'll make you THANK me, with each thrust of
      my American paid-for Israeli knife.

  • The Zionists aren't subsidizing anything. America is. Israel as a socialist society is totally dependent on the $3,000,000,000, three billion dollars, in aid plus military aid, plus, plus, plus from America for their very existense. Like all socialist welfare states it spends more than it takes in.

  • Roya

    I hate Israel. I really do.

  • Roya

    The Israelis are taking full advantage of our election period, knowing they have full immunity given that presidential hopefuls are mere beggars at the hands of the Lobby.

  • james

    The rudeness of these bastards, they wait for the bitch to come and they announce it in her face. Still, she will grovel and squirm under Netanyahu's feet to get acceptance or a crumb.
    Americans are either the most stupid people in the world or the most stupid, take your picks people.

  • the lion

    Noting that Israel is well aware of the illegality of such actions on the very basis they are called Settlements! They are not announcements of new towns, which happens in most countries!