Report: Exodus of US Spies From Pakistan After Davis Arrest

Report: Exodus of US Spies From Pakistan After Davis Arrest | Hundreds of ‘Special Americans’ under scrutiny

The Obama Adminstration’s vociferous claims that CIA spy Raymond Davis is entitled to “diplomatic immunity” may have struck some as odd, but according to reports inside Pakistan, it is business as usual.

Indeed, the Pakistani government reports that hundreds of US citizens have been granted diplomatic immunity under US demands despite having no role in diplomacy, and seemingly just living in upscale neighborhoods in the major cities.

These so-called “Special Americans” are under growing scrutiny, according to media reports, because of concerns that many of them, as with Davis, may have been operating as CIA spies without informing the Pakistani spy agency, which is supposed to work in concert with them.

In the wake of the Davis arrest, a number of these “Special Americans” are also reported to have fled the country, with others having simply suspending all activities to avoid attracting official attention.

Though Davis’ spying is major concern, his actual crime is the murders of two people on the streets of Lahore. A Lahore court is still hearing arguments in this case, which Davis insists amounts to “self-defense” and which US officials insist he is immune from anyhow.

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  • MvGuy

    !!!!!!! D'rats, dey be leavin…….

  • ghouri

    This is true and proved that all the killings in major cities is going due to american and there is no wonder if they are leaving Pakistan and we will have no killings and terror acts as i always write there must be some one to supply explosives, must pay and train the tribes and without bribing is not possible and for CIA and america to continue this war on terror has to provide legitimacy and that was suicide bombs in Pakistan.
    I thing Eric has provided enough evidance to suspend all CIA contacts with ISI and now blame game is finished.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    Those CIA agents that left were no better than Mafia assassins. They are part of America's worldwide secret death squad. America is the 'hidden' dictator for the whole world and the CIA is its 'secret police'.

  • thedissenter

    Ha ha ha! Now, there's one way of clearing the joint of rats and other vermin. The US world is shrinking real fast.

  • pendulum

    heading home where they can be BRAVE & FREE

    • Valerianus

      Mundanes back home can put THEM under surveillance.

  • JLS

    They bravely ran away.

    • Valerianus

      They made a glorious retreat and were decorated again.

      • JLS

        lol they must have been thinking "Hey this isn't what James Bond or Jason Bourne do!"

  • Valerianus

    So much for HUMINT . . .

  • John_Muhammad

    I will be very surprised if Davis ever sees the US again, at least alive. I'm just appalled at the hypocrisy of the USG- we use every twist and tangle of our legal system to prosecute foreign nationals on deliberately vague charges, but when clear and unambiguous charges are made against one of our own we cry foul and scream that it's just not fair. I daresay Pakistan would be a whole lot more receptive to our efforts if the USG had admitted Davis' role in that country and struck a plea bargain instead of all the theatrics about immunity and such. At this point by not negotiating in good faith the US has painted itself into a rather embarrassing corner and, at the same time, most likely sealed Davis' fate.

    • musings

      I wonder who took things to the level where two ISI guys got shot, huh? Which side upped the ante? I mean it was bad enough with letting the cat out of the bag when Daniel Pearl was killed. But this! Now the gloves are off. Oh, I almost forgot Pinky Bhutto's car hatch malfunction. Bottom line: Pakistan has nukes. Pakistan may wind up with loose nukes. They say our spies are leaving? I don't believe it. They are only going to hell to regroup.

  • Benson

    They hate us for our Freedom! We better run like hell and get back home- Where it's safe to get fat, watch FOX news and join the patriots in the Tea Party movement.

  • sarfraz khan

    The myth has exploded that the US is a great nation.Greatness comes with responsibility in deeds and actions during tough times.Reactions after 9/11are those of an arrogant bully hurting others and is hated. If the US wants to restore its image then the "crazy brutal war of the Americans " in Asia must be stopped.Thousands of innocent women,children and men have been killed by US led forces and the fissures they have created in those unfortunate regions.They have generated animosity and mistrust between the Shias and Sunnis,Khurds and Arabs in Iraq, the Pushtoons and non Pushtoons in Afghanistan,the Tribal Regionsand the rest of the country in Pakistan. .Missiles and drone attacks are killing and maiming humans in a cold dispassionate way by a hidden enemy(US). It is not face to face combat between equals but a slaughter of poorly armed individuals fighting to free their region of an Invader with the greatest war machine in the world.If the American nation does not rise up against these brutal Wars and intreagues in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, then history will remember them as the most destructive and brutal nation that collapsed due to its arrogance and extreme barbariansim.