Israeli Parliament Softens Title of ‘US War Crimes’ Motion

Israeli Parliament Softens Title of ‘US War Crimes’ Motion | Mid-debate renaming aims to avoid insulting US

Israel’s Parliament the Knesset went to the unusual lengths of renaming a motion in mid-debate today, removing references to “US war crimes” from National Union MP Michael Ben-Ari’s after others expressed concern it would “insult” the Obama Administration.

The entire motion is something of a bizarre footnote to the whole WikiLeaks release, as Ben-Ari is among the most hawkish members of the Israeli coalition government, and included his call for the arrest of US officials as war criminals on the basis of evidence from the documents.

Which seems oddly out of place, but Ben-Ari has also expressed repeated “outrage” at US criticisms of assorted Israeli offensives that involved the killing of large numbers of civilians, and he sees the motion, and the call for Richard Goldstone to be the head of the investigation, as “revenge” against the US for not sufficiently supporting Israel’s actions.

Ben-Ari was previously a member of Israel’s “Kach Party,’ which was banned by the government for being “manifestly racist.” In 2009 he was arrested briefly for his role in a settler attack against Palestinian farmlands in the West Bank. He was never charged, and claimed the detention violated his immunity as an MP.

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  • Loraine

    Shame, shame on israel.

  • foodoo

    They should be encouraged to openly,brazenly bite the hand that
    has fed it. The sooner the USA recognizes and reacts the better.

  • felipeb

    Enter text right here!The Israeli ambassador should be called in and dressed down. He should be informed in no uncertain terms that this man and his party cannot be a part of any government coalition that receives US aid. What do we get for our tax dollars?

  • EmeraldDruid

    HIP HIP HOORAY ! ! !

    Personally, I think this is wonderful. They should have kept the original language in the legislation ! Don't water it down !

    Can you imagine the result of such marvelous legislation ? Then the US would turn around and arrest any Israeli war criminal that sets foot on American soil !

    The divorce. Our emancipation from being joined at the hip with the zioNAZI racist HATE group that runs Israel.

    The final item that would completely separate American foreign policy from Israel. Without America behind Israel there could finally be an actual peace in the ME. Do any of you honestly think that Israel could defeat even half the enemies they have created in that region of the world ? For starters a simple militia beat the H out of the IDF on the ground in the 06 war in Lebanon.

    Now imagine the IDF having to fight a war on the ground in Iran. OR Syria. OR Iran, Syria as well as Lebanon all at the same time while Hamas and Fatah break loose while the IDF is out trying to put their finger in the dyke completely over extended.

  • tomofsnj

    It is amazing what is going on in the little country. Does anyone think that maybe someone got to their water supply and have been slipping them a mickey? It would explain the insane conduct of the elected officials. Did anyone tell them that they were once the Russian darling but lost that support and they most certainly have a problem with the fact that the USA might not support them much longer. There has been maybe 100,000,000 immigrants allowed into the USA since Israel was created. Of that 100,000,000 probably 99,000,000 never heard of Israel and probably 100,000,000 could careless. It is clear that in the Israel colonies of Manhattan and northern new jersey that there is plenty of support but even they do not have enough votes to control the country. Chuck shulmer can appear on all the tv shows and not influence the nation when the majority turn to indifference towards Israel.
    I wonder why otherwise smart people insist on a course of action which would lead to such a disaster?

  • polhard

    Does Mark Thiessen , ex Bush speech writer know it?

    Marc Thiessen, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush and a particularly dim-witted and dull columnist for The Washington Post, has repeatedly called for Assange to be indicted — and possibly taken out with a drone strike- 10/28/10

  • polhard

    sometime back Israel made similar threat to UK.UK was coming down on Israel over a numebr of stuff including mosssad -embassy murder of Hamas leader using UK pasport. Israel threatened of exposing UK;s conduct in Iraq and of reporting of possible war crime by UK to UN.

  • paulBass

    ha! 1000% support it!!

    imagine if israel says americans are committing war crimes, it makes you an antisemite to disagree on tv or news papers.

    and after we have some stand up israelis prosecuting george bush barak obama and all the rest, we can take the precedent and turn it back on them

    what a dream that would be

  • John_Mohammad

    So basically a member of the Israeli government that actively encourages terrorism by its own citizens (i.e. settler attacks on Palestinians, Gaza relief boats in international waters, US Navy vessels, etc. etc.) and who has personally participated in attacks on Palestinians is trying to draw a big target on the US for war crimes? Granted, I do believe some US forces have unfortunately committed war crimes, but the Israeli MP isn't advocating prosecution for the correct reason of their being war crimes- he's pushing for it to punish the US for not backing Israel even MORE in its terrorist activities and illegal settlements! Wake up, USA, and rid us of this Israeli millstone about our necks.