Poll: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Israel’s Military Actions in Gaza

Polling has consistently shown that the majority of American voters think the US should push for a ceasefire

A new poll from Gallup has found that the majority of Americans disapprove of Israel’s military actions in Gaza, which have killed over 32,000 Palestinians, including over 13,000 children, and has put the entire population of the Strip on the brink of famine.

Asked if they approve or disapprove of Israel’s military actions, 55% of respondents said they disapproved, while only 36% said they approved of the onslaught.

Disapproval of Israel has risen as Gallup asked the same question in a poll that was released in November 2023, which found 50% of respondents approved of Israel’s military campaign while 45% disapproved.

Disapproval of Israel’s military campaign has risen among Americans

Favorability for Israel is strongest among Republicans, with 64% approving Israel’s assault on Gaza in the latest poll. Only 29% of Independents and 18% of Democrats said they approved Israel’s campaign.

Since October 7, polling has consistently shown the majority of American voters favor a ceasefire in Gaza. A poll released by Data for Progress in February found 67% of Americans favored the US pushing for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, including 77% of Democrats, 69% of Independents, and 56% of Republicans.

The Biden administration has consistently opposed the idea of a ceasefire in Gaza unless it’s linked to a hostage deal. But even in that case, both the US and Israel say any truce would be temporary and have rejected Hamas’s offer to negotiate a permanent ceasefire.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.