China Maintains Increased Patrols Near Taiwan-Controlled Kinmen Islands, Where US Troops Are Now Stationed

China increased patrols after two Chinese fishermen died after being chased by Taiwan's Coast Guard

China has maintained increased patrols near Kinmen, Taiwanese-controlled islands that are just a few miles off the coast of the mainland, where US Army Special Forces are now stationed.

The Chinese Coast Guard stepped up its presence near Kinmen, known as Quemoy in China, after two Chinese fishermen died last month when their boat capsized while being chased by Taiwan’s Coast Guard.

According to The South China Morning Post, eight Chinese Coast Guard vessels patrolled waters near Kinmen on Friday and Saturday. China’s Taiwan Affairs Office described the patrols as a “normal act” because “Taiwan is a part of China and regular law enforcement in waters near Quemoy is the duty of the mainland Coast Guard.”

Map showing the location of Kinmen

Taiwanese authorities said they warned off the Chinese vessels and condemned the patrols. “The move has seriously impacted traffic and safety. To avoid triggering naval incidents we urge them to stop such behavior,” Taiwan’s Coast Guard said.

The US also condemned the Chinese patrols, which occurred near islands that are only 2.5 miles away from the Chinese city of Xiamen. According to the Post, a US State Department official said Beijing’s “continued provocations” in waters close to Kinmen “revealed its intention to unilaterally change the status quo.”

The latest incident came after Taiwan confirmed US Green Berets were now permanently stationed on Kinmen as part of a new training arrangement. The US presence on the island was first reported by Taiwanese media last month before the two Chinese fishermen died near Kinmen.

The highly provocative deployment follows a pattern of the US increasing diplomatic and military support for Taiwan as part of its strategy against China in the region. While the US steps are being taken in the name of deterrence, Chinese officials have repeatedly warned Taiwan is a major red line, and the increased US involvement on the island makes war more likely.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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