US Military to Fund Construction of New Philippines Port Near Taiwan

The idea of the new port in the Batanes islands is to prepare for evacuations from Taiwan if war breaks out

The US military will fund the construction of a new port in Batanes, the Philippines’ northernmost province, which is less than 125 miles from Taiwan.

According to Kyodo News, Batanes Governor Marilou Cayco said over the weekend that a US Army delegation would be visiting to discuss the construction of the new facility in April.

Cayco said one purpose of the port would be to make it easier to evacuate Filipinos who work in Taiwan in the event a war breaks out on the island. According to Taiwan News, the exact location of the port hasn’t been announced, but it’s expected to face north. The province’s current major port faces the west.

Gray marker shows the location of Batanes

The Philippine military is looking to bolster its presence in Batanes and is scheduled to hold drills on the islands with the US military this April and May. Last year, Washington and Manila signed a deal that gives the US access to four new bases in the Philippines, a move China viewed as a major provocation.

Three of the new US bases are in the northern Philippines but not as far north as Batanes. The other base is in Palawan, an island province on the South China Sea, where the US has been stepping up patrols in support of Manila’s claims.

The South China Sea has become a potential flashpoint for a war between the US and China as Washington has repeatedly vowed the US-Philippine Mutual Defense Treaty applies to attacks on Philippine vessels in the South China Sea. The Chinese and Philippine coast guards often have tense encounters in the disputed waters that sometimes end in collision.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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