Poll: Half of US Adults Think Israel Has Gone ‘Too Far’ in Gaza

Previous polling has shown the majority of Americans want a ceasefire

Half of American adults believe the brutal Israeli assault on Gaza has gone “too far,” according to a new poll from AP-NORC.

The poll, conducted from January 25-29, found 50% of respondents thought the slaughter went too far, compared with 40% when the same question was asked back in November.

The new poll showed 31% of respondents believed Israel’s assault has “been about right,” while 15% think it has “not gone far enough.” Israel has killed over 27,000 Palestinians since mid-October, including over 11,500 children.

The opposition to the mass killing of Palestinians is stronger among Democrats but is growing among Republicans. Only 18% of Republicans said the Israeli campaign had gone too far in November, which rose to 33% in the latest poll.

The opposition among Democrats has been put on display at President Biden’s campaign events, which are frequently disrupted by protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. Some demonstrators have called the president “Genocide Joe” due to his staunch support for Israel.

Previous polling has shown the majority of Americans want the US to press for a ceasefire in Gaza. A December poll from Data for Progress found that 61% of American voters support the idea of the US calling for a “permanent” ceasefire in Gaza and a general de-escalation of violence, including 76% of Democrats, 49% of Republicans, and 57% of independent or third-party voters.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.