Ukrainian Government Workers Will Face Salary and Pension Delays If US and EU Don’t Approve More Aid

US aid to Ukraine has been funding government services, salaries, pensions, and subsidizes small businesses

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko said Wednesday that Ukrainian government workers could face delays in the payment of their salaries or pensions if the US and the EU do not approve new aid packages soon.

“The support of partners is extremely critical,” Svyrydenko said, according to Financial Times. “We need it urgently.”

The US has been funding the Ukrainian government with tens of billions of dollars through a form of assistance known as direct budgetary aid, which pays for government services and salaries and even subsidizes small businesses. But that aid has all dried up as Congress has yet to approve the over $60 billion President Biden is seeking to fund the proxy war in Ukraine and prop up the Zelensky government.

The EU has been trying to push through a 50 billion euro aid package for Ukraine that would be disbursed over four years, but it has been vetoed by Hungary. EU officials are set to meet on February 1 to try to push through the funds again, but it’s unclear if Budapest will approve.

Republicans in Congress are holding out on approving the new spending on the Ukraine war until Democrats agree to significant changes to border policies and immigration laws. Senate negotiators failed to reach a deal before the holiday recess and won’t be returning to Washington until after the New Year.

Svyrydenko said if the new aid is not approved soon, Ukraine’s economy will be pushed into “survival” mode. Kyiv may have to delay paying wages for 500,000 civil servants and 1.4 million teachers and benefits for 10 million pensioners.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.