US Has Delivered Over 10,000 Tons of Weapons to Israel Since October 7

Over 240 US cargo planes and 20 ships have made deliveries to Israel

Two hundred and forty-four American cargo planes and 20 ships have delivered over 10,000 tons of military equipment to Israel since October 7 to support the massacre in Gaza, Israel’s Channel 12 reported on Monday.

The US support has been crucial in Israel’s ability to keep up its relentless bombardment of Gaza. The Washington Post reported on December 9 that, up to that date, Israel dropped over 22,000 US-provided bombs on the Gaza Strip.

The Pentagon has refused to disclose what types of weapons it’s been sending to Israel, but media reports have revealed some details. The Wall Street Journal reported on December 1 that the US had shipped 15,000 bombs and 57,000 155mm artillery shells to Israel since October 7.

The bomb shipments have included over 5,000 Mk84 2,000-pound warhead bombs, which Israel has been dropping on densely populated areas of Gaza. According to an analysis from The New York Times, during the first six weeks of the war, Israel routinely dropped 2,000-pound bombs on areas in south Gaza designated safe for civilians.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has said the US arms deliveries have also included “armored vehicles, armaments, personal protective equipment, medical supplies, ammunition, and more.”

The US-backed onslaught has killed nearly 21,000 Palestinians so far, including over 8,000 children. The number is considered a low estimate as thousands of bodies are believed to be buried deep under the rubble.

US officials claim they are “concerned” about the massive civilian casualty rate in Gaza, but the Biden administration continues to provide unconditional military aid for the slaughter. A report from +972 Magazine revealed that Israel is intentionally targeting civilian areas as part of its war strategy.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.