US Reaffirms There Are No Conditions on Future Military Aid to Israel

An official also clarified that Biden supports Israel continuing its onslaught after a confusing post on X

Senior US officials speaking to POLITICO on Wednesday have reaffirmed that the Biden administration intends to place no conditions on future military aid to Israel despite public comments suggesting the idea was under consideration.

Amid growing calls from Democrats to condition military aid to Israel, President Biden told reporters the idea is a “worthwhile thought,” but US officials said it won’t happen. “It’s not something we’re currently pursuing,” one official said.

The comments come amid reports that say the US has been pressuring Israel to show restraint when it resumes military operations and expands them into south Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians who fled the south are located.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby has said the US has “been clear with the Israelis that we don’t support them moving forward with operations in the south unless they have a plan to deal with the now-increased level of civilians there.”

But there’s no sign the administration is using any of the leverage it has over Israel to curtail civilian casualties, and Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has vowed Israel’s operations will be even bigger than before once the hostage deal truce is over.

A US official has also clarified a tweet from President Biden that suggested he supported a real ceasefire in Gaza. On Tuesday night, the president’s X account said, “To continue down the path of terror, violence, killing, and war is to give Hamas what they seek. We can’t do that.”

Many took Biden’s post as a significant shift in rhetoric, as he has previously rejected the idea of a lasting ceasefire. But a senior administration official speaking to Jewish Insider said it wasn’t a change in policy and that the US would continue to support the Israeli onslaught.

“We want this to be the last war, and we recognize that, for that to happen, Hamas can’t be the governing authority,” the senior official said. “They have to be out of power, because if you have Hamas in power, you’re likely to have another conflict.”

According to Gaza’s media office, the Israeli onslaught has killed over 15,000 Palestinians so far, including over 6,000 children and 4,000 women. The expansion of operations in the south is expected to bring more civilian casualties due to the concentration of displaced people.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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