Ukraine Claims Troops Landed on Crimea in Night Raid

The operation hasn't been confirmed by Russia

Ukraine’s military intelligence claimed on Thursday that Ukrainian troops landed on the western shore of Crimea overnight and inflicted casualties on Russian forces, an operation that has not been confirmed by Russia.

“During the execution of the task, the Ukrainian defenders engaged in combat with the units of the occupier. As a result, the enemy suffered losses among personnel, enemy equipment was destroyed. Also, the state flag was raised in the Ukrainian Crimea again,” Ukraine’s military intelligence, known as HUR, said on Telegram.

The HUR Telegram post included a video that showed troops on a small boat in the night. “All goals and tasks have been completed. At the end of the special operation, the Ukrainian defenders left the scene without casualties,” the post said.

Ukrainian attacks on Crimea risk an escalation of the war, as Russian President Vladimir Putin began large-scale missile strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure following the October 2022 Crimean Bridge bombing. The alleged raid comes as Ukraine has significantly escalated its drone attacks on Crimea and on the Russian mainland.

Ukrainian officials maintain that their conditions for peace talks include Russia withdrawing from the territory it captured since launching the invasion last year and giving up Crimea, which has been Russian-controlled since 2014 and is populated by people who are happy they’re part of the Russian Federation.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.