Zelensky Asks Ukrainian Parliament to Sanction Iran for 50 Years

Iran has called Zelensky's rhetoric a 'worthless political show' designed to gain more Western support

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Ukraine’s parliament to approve a bill that would put sanctions on Iran for 50 years over its alleged military support for Russia.

According to the Kyiv Independent, the bill would completely ban trade with Iran, block Iranian investments, prevent the withdrawal of Iranian assets from Ukraine, and prohibit technology transfers to the Islamic Republic.

Zelensky’s bill came as Ukrainian authorities said Sunday that Russia launched its largest-ever drone attack on Ukraine, using 54 Iranian-made drones. For their part, Tehran has denied arming Russia with drones after Moscow launched its invasion last year. But the two countries have been increasing economic and military ties as they face similar pressure from the West.

Last week, Zelensky said Iran was sliding into the “dark side of history” for supplying Moscow with drones, prompting a sharp response from Tehran.

According to The Cradle, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani called Zelensky’s comments a “worthless political show staged to provoke the US and certain European states to supply Kiev with more military equipment and financial aid.”

Kanaani said Iran has “always expressed its opposition to the war in Ukraine and its continuation and feels sympathy for the pains and miseries of the Ukrainian people.” He called Zelensky’s comments “delusional claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of Antiwar.com, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.