Iraq’s Oil Ministry Warns Companies Not to Buy Oil From Kurds

Ministry will take 'marketing measures'

Fights between Iraq’s central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government continue apace, with the State Organization for Marketing of Oil threatening measures against companies that continue to buy oil directly from the Kurds.

After the US occupation, the KRG was free to make side deals on oil, a huge revenue source. After the ISIS War, the central government has sought to curtail such sales, making it a central government issue on the grounds that they need the money.

In July, the Oil Ministry threatened to start annulling Kurdish deals, and the ministry is being increasingly empowered to try to make sure that Kurdish exports are kept to a strict minimum.

Though this initially fueled separatism, the central government seems able to maintain a hold on the region, and the Oil Ministry seems determined to monetize the assets.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of