Israeli Attack Halted Syria Aid Flights for Two Weeks

Attack damaged airport, prevented deliveries

While a lot of the Syrian war has quieted down, one thing that consistently happens is Israel attacking targets in the country. Nominally these targets are “Iranians” they’re trying to hit, but often the result is just infrastructure damage.

A UN Commissioner confirmed this Wednesday, saying one of Israel’s June attacks on Damascus Airport did so much damage to the facility that the UN had to halve all humanitarian flights into the city for two solid weeks.

Such an attack was “extremely serious” in keeping aid deliveries stalled for two weeks. Israel has not commented on the matter, nor are they expected to.

Humanitarian problems in Syria are in great measure caused by third parties to the war, and UN criticism probably is little more than an aside to Israel, since the US would block any UN ramifications.

Not that Israel is exclusive to this. The UN warned of grave violations of fundamental human rights in Syria, and has predicted a possible return to large-scale fighting.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of