Ukrainian Forces Push Further Into Kharkiv Region

Russia launched airstrikes on Ukrainian power infrastructure, signaling a potential escalation of Russia's war

Ukrainian forces on Monday pushed further into the Kharkiv oblast as more Russian troops withdrew from the area and the northeastern counteroffensive continued to show success.

Area highlighted in green is the territory Ukraine has recaptured (Source: Southfront)

Ukrainian forces pushed all the way back to the Russian border in some areas of northern and northeastern Kharkiv. Vitaly Ganchev, a Russian-installed official in the region, said that Russia’s forces were outnumbered by eight to one, a sign that Moscow was caught off guard by the counteroffensive.

Ganchev also said that about 5,000 civilians fled the region into Russia’s Belgorod oblast, which borders Kharkiv. Russian officials reported that there was some shelling inside Russian territory and that the village of Logachevka in Belgorod was evacuated due to the attacks.

The Ukrainian advances have put more pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to escalate the war, which he has framed as a limited “special military operation.” On Sunday, Ukraine reported power outages in several eastern regions as a result of Russian strikes on electricity infrastructure, signaling a potential escalation in the war.

Russia has avoided carrying out a so-called “strategic bombing campaign” in Ukraine, a tactic the US and its allies often employ that involves massive airstrikes on civilian infrastructure to cripple a country’s transportation and power grids.

The Kremlin on Monday downplayed Ukraine’s success on the battlefield and insisted Russia would still achieve its goals in the war. “The special military operation continues. And it will continue until the goals that were originally set are achieved,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said when asked about the counteroffensive.

Putin delivered remarks on Monday, but they were focused on how Russia has handled the US-led sanctions campaign. “The economic blitzkrieg tactics, the onslaught they were counting on, did not work – this is already obvious to everyone, and to them too,” he said.

Author: Dave DeCamp

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