Amnesty Says It ‘Fully Stands’ Behind Ukraine Report Findings Amid Backlash

The organization says it's sorry that the release caused 'distress and anger'

Amnesty International has come under pressure after releasing a report last week that said Ukraine’s fighting tactics are endangering civilians. The group said Sunday that it’s sorry for the “distress and anger” the release caused but said it “fully stands” behind the findings.

“Amnesty International deeply regrets the distress and anger that our press release on the Ukrainian military’s fighting tactics has caused,” Amnesty told Reuters.

“Amnesty International’s priority in this and in any conflict is ensuring that civilians are protected. Indeed, this was our sole objective when releasing this latest piece of research. While we fully stand by our findings, we regret the pain caused,” the group added.

The release from Amnesty about Ukraine’s fighting tactics said that Ukrainian troops were basing themselves in residential areas, including schools and hospitals, while there were “viable alternatives” that would not endanger civilians. Amnesty said that as a result of these tactics, Russian strikes targeted populated areas and killed civilians.

But Amnesty also criticized Russia and said these facts about Ukraine’s fighting tactics do not excuse Moscow’s “indiscriminate attacks.” But the findings from the organization still enraged officials in Ukraine. The head of Amnesty’s Ukraine office resigned after the report was issued, and accused the organization of being a tool of “Russian propaganda.”

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.