IAEA: Good Words Not Enough, Iran Must Be Transparent and Compliant

Grossi wants access 'commensurate to the size' of Iran's civilian program

Addressing Iran pointing out that they have no intention of obtaining nuclear arms, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi continued to fear-monger and impose demands, saying Iran’s comments are not enough and that they need to be transparent and compliant to convince him the program is non-military.

Grossi continued to claim Iran is expanding its program and that the IAEA can’t verify what it is doing. He’s under intense pressure to be unconvinced, to keep hostility toward Iran, and he’s only been too happy to facilitate that.

Even when Iran had some of the world’s most onerous monitoring deals, the IAEA was still never completely satisfied. Iran has resisted renewing the monitoring deal without making a nuclear deal that resolves the issues.

Faced with that, Grossi still won’t come out strongly in favor of the nuclear deal, and wants Iran to voluntarily submit to an even bigger monitoring program “commensurate” with the size of its civilian enrichment.

Again, this demand is severe, as Iran was already submitting to a huge monitoring program with little to show for it, and no other nation is expected to submit to a monitoring program anywhere near so strict.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.