Biden Aide: ‘Highly Unlikely’ Iran Nuclear Deal Will Be Revived Soon

Iran puts forward new ideas to finalize nuclear talks

Efforts continue to be made on the Iran nuclear talks, with Iran reportedly ready to put forward some new ideas on the process, and the EU trying to speed up finalization.

Underlying all of this, President Biden’s aide Brett McGurk continued to be pessimistic, saying it is “highly unlikely” that there will be a deal any time soon.

McGurk said he thinks Iran wants to put in some new ideas to improve the deal, but the US is “not going to do that.” The US has consistently resisted any advancements in the process for months.

At this point, the US keeps saying the talks are about to run out of time or fall apart. The EU is trying to salvage things, and Iran is willing to play ball. Without the US, however, there’s really no way to get across the finish line on the deal.

Iran’s new ideas are winning praise, but not from the US. Iran wants more regional support, but here again it seems that’s just more people for the US to oppose.

Iran added they want the US to show they are serious on making a deal. Recent signs, however, suggest they are not.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of