Iran Extracts 20% Enriched Uranium From New Centrifuges

First time the third generation centrifuges are used

The IAEA announced on Sunday that Iran has begun the extraction of 20% enriched uranium from one of its newest centrifuge chains. The plans were already reported, and this is just them following through on the announcement.

This marks a milestone for Iran’s program, as this is the first complete cycle of a third-generation centrifuge cascade, designed to be more efficient than the earlier ones.

Beyond direct efficiency, Iran has been working with adaptable machines that can be more readily adjusted. Even though this is being spun as a development of Iran’s program, if anything that adaptability will make it easier to reverse if a nuclear deal is reached.

The objections are just general for it being a civilian nuclear program, and it being Iran, if those nations were to be honest. There shouldn’t be concern at 20% anyhow, as it is far below the weapons-grade levels of over 90%. The enrichment of more uranium to 20% is not a proliferation threat at all.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of