Talks Resume on Yemen’s Taiz, Area Braces for New Attacks

Houthis continue to block main roads out off key city

On Sunday, negotiations resumed over Yemen’s third city of Taiz, with the goal of a ceasefire that would open main roads out of the city, allowing people to finally flee.

Taiz has been the longest contested city off the Yemen War. Saudi Arabia invaded and seized the southern port of Aden, with an eye at taking the highway north to Sanaa. Taiz was the first major city on the highway, and they got stalled there.

The Houthis have resisted opening the main roads, and have suggested smaller roads as alternatives. They have denied that this is as big an issue as the government is making it out to be.

Houthi reticence about opening the city reflects their efforts to retake the city, and Houthi snipers are said to be hitting army positions in Taiz lately, with locals bracing for more.

Negotiated deals are to be had in Yemen, and it may not be easy to resolve any one thing, but war-weariness is making it possible to work nearly anything out.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of