Iran, US Begin Nuclear Talks in Qatar

EU-brokering indirect talks

Indirect nuclear talks between the US and Iran began Tuesday in Qatar, with EU officials trying to broker a return to the nuclear deal.

The meeting is the result of the EU trying to get the negotiations restarted and Qatar offering to host indirect, close-proximity talks. US officials continue to be pessimistic about the talks’ chances.

Everyone else seems to be keen on at least trying to get this deal done and the US seems to be resigned to have to at least go along for the process, waiting for another opportunity to insist everything failed and Iran is to blame.

That’s not to say a deal won’t happen, as there is a lot of hope here, and a lot of effort being invested, hoping that in spite of the months of delay, the deal that was already nearly completed can still be salvaged.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of