Iran Blasts ‘Unconstructive’ IAEA Censure, Announces Retaliation

Iran says resolution based on false Zionist information

While Iran isn’t totally backing out of the nuclear talks, yesterday’s censure by the IAEA board of governors is upsetting many, and leading Iran to retaliate for the measure in ways that will further divide the two sides.

Iran’s statement following the vote criticized the “unconstructive” IAEA censure, saying it was politically motivated and built around false information provided by the Zionists.

That’s not an entirely unwarranted suggestion. The censure is built around the traces of uranium at undeclared sites. The sites were presented to the IAEA by Israel, based on secret intelligence.

The traces of uranium were a minor matter, but the US has kept pushing the IAEA to explore the question, and even when Iran presents documents, as they did last month, the IAEA is expected to remain unconvinced and keep faulting them for not offering a better explanation.

Beyond the statement, Iran responded by uninstalling IAEA cameras at a nuclear site, and informing them of intentions to increase enrichment activities.

The US is warning those moves will deepen the crisis, but in the absence of a nuclear deal, Iran has no obligation to host the cameras, or not increase enrichment. Having the cameras there in the first place was a courtesy, as is informing them.

Much like the uranium traces, Iran’s response is not proof of any wrongdoing, but the simple actions are virtually assured to be used to fuel more acrimony, and for the US to justify more actions toward Iran which will drive the two sides even further from negotiations. EU statements reflected this, suggesting they doubt Iran’s commitment to the deal after this move.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of