Yemen Talks on Ending Taiz Blockade End Without Deal

UN envoy calls talks 'promising'

From the first Saudi invasion of Yemen, the Taiz Province has been heavily contested, and getting supplies in and out is always a struggle. This weekend, the Yemen factions met on a possible deal to end the blockade.

The UN envoy said the talks were “promising,” but all signs are that they failed, at least for now. There remains hope that there will be further efforts to get this plan in place.

Deals for expanding aid shipments around the country have been picking up pace during the present ceasefire. With ongoing talks to extend the ceasefire, concessions on Taiz might be more easy to met right now.

The ceasefire has lasted two months and is almost set to expire. Both sides expressed strong support for extending it. The hope is that the more time goes on without fighting, the more peace efforts might come of it.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of