US and UK Split With France and Claim There Is No Exit Ramp for Putin

After French President Emmanual Macron called for a negotiated settlement to the war in Ukraine, American and British officials said Russia must lose

The US and UK are eyeing the complete defeat of Russia in Ukraine. Breaking with other NATO members that prefer a negotiated settlement, an American official stated the war ends with the "defeat" of Russia and a high-level British official said Russian President Vladimir Putin "must lose."

Speaking to an Italian outlet, UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss said Russia must be defeated in Ukraine, and there were no exit ramps for Putin. "Putin must lose in Ukraine, and we must see its sovereignty and territorial integrity restored." She added, "working with all of Europe to help the Ukrainians prevail.

The comments by Truss were in response to French President Emmanual Macron suggesting the West could end the war by making compromises with Moscow. "We will have to do this with Ukraine and Russia around the table. The end of the discussion and the negotiation will be set by Ukraine and Russia. But it will not be done in denial, nor in exclusion of each other, nor even in humiliation," Macron said.

Along with Paris, Germany and Italy are pushing for a diplomatic over a military resolution. However, the White House appears in line with Downing Street. On Friday, US Ambassador to NATO, Julieanne Smith, called for the defeat of Russia. "We want to see a strategic defeat for Russia. We want Russia to leave Ukraine, we want Russia to stop the violence, stop these indiscriminate brutal attacks on civilians," Smith said.

Since the start of the invasion, Washington has been committed to the militaristic path in Ukraine. While Secretary of State Antony Blinken has not spoken with his Russian counterpart in over three months, the US has approved over $30 billion in weapons transfers to Kiev.

Kyle Anzalone is the opinion editor of, news editor of the Libertarian Institute, and co-host of Conflicts of Interest.