Iran: Workshop Relocation Was Result of Israel’s Terrorist Attacks on Karaj

Workshops moved to safety underground in Natanz

As the IAEA continues to document the relocation of Iran’s centrifuge workshop from Karaj to an underground site in Natanz, Iranian nuclear officials are detailing exactly why the relocation happened.

It’s no big mystery that Karaj had been a security problem, with Israeli “sabotage” efforts damaging the site and UN cameras on the site. Israel made clear they claim a the right to commit future attacks on Iran’s nuclear program.

Since Karaj was an obvious target, moving it became a priority for Iran. While centrifuge workshops aren’t the sort of thing that normally need to be underground for security, Iran did have a reason to go that way.

Iranian officials are explaining the relocation of the Karaj simply because everything they do is subject to wild speculation. The explanation also gives Iran a chance to reiterate its complaints about Israel’s attacks, which it hasn’t been able to get the IAEA to seriously criticize.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of