Saudi Arabia Pressured Yemen’s President to Resign

Kingdom threatened to expose Hadi's corruption

While it wasn’t exactly a secret that Yemen’s President Hadi’s resignation must’ve come with some push from the Saudi Arabians, new reports are now confirming this was the case.

Hadi provided the Saudis’ legal pretext to invade Yemen, but with the war going poorly, and lasting far longer than expected, they were souring on him, and his resistance to the peace process.

Facing pressure from the US to kickstart the peace process, the Saudis started pressuring Hadi to resign, and reportedly threatened to expose and publicize evidence of corruption against him.

Even resigning earlier this month didn’t end the trouble for Hadi, who is reportedly being held in Riyadh under house arrest. Since he originally resigned and unresigned before the Yemen War, the Saudis may be planning to hold him until replacements are in place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of