IAEA Installs Cameras at New Iranian Centrifuge Workshop

After Israel’s sabotage attack on Iran’s Karaj centrifuge workshop, the Iranians closed the site and relocated the work to an underground location. The IAEA has confirmed that they removed seals from the machines at the new site, and have installed surveillance cameras within.

That said, the footage from the cameras isn’t going to be in IAEA hands, and likely won’t be until a new nuclear deal is reached.

Israel’s sabotage of the Karaj site last year did a fair bit of damage, and knocked out more than a few of the cameras. Replacing the cameras there was the original plan, but the Iranians later informed the IAEA they were withdrawing from the site anyhow.

Broadly, the cameras are just collecting footage that isn’t going anywhere, and will just be collected until a deal is reached. By and large, the footage is likely very uninteresting, but is part of the overall safeguards agreement.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.