Yemen’s Hadi Urges Houthis to Meet During Truce to Make Peace

Both sides continue claims of ceasefire violations

The Ramadan ceasefire in Yemen is just a few days old, but hopes that it could kickstart the peace process continue to loom large. Saudi-backed President Hadi issued a statement through state media Tuesday calling on the Houthis to work together with his faction on reaching a permanent peace.

This is what the truce advocates were hoping would happen. The truce has just gotten going, but has led to several rounds of accusations by both sides that the other is violating the ceasefire deal.

Accusations of violations started virtually when the truce did, and are not uncommon when a long war has a surprising pause, with both sides anticipating something going wrong and trying to get their talking points out there so it seems like the other side’s fault.

The violations probably don’t amount to much so far, however, since there is no talk from either side of backing out of the process. That, and talk of extending things into some peace process efforts, are a sign that the situation still looks very promising.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of