US Sets Red Lines for China Helping Russia Skirt Sanctions

The Biden administration has threatened unspecified 'consequences' for China if it helps Russia evade sanctions

The Biden administration on Wednesday stepped up its warnings to China over the consequences it could face for helping Russia work around US sanctions. According to Reuters, the administration warned China against taking advantage of business opportunities presented by the sanctions.

The US doesn’t want China to help Russia access goods included in export control measures or process transactions banned by Western sanctions. On his way to Europe with President Biden, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the G7 would soon announce joint measures aimed at preventing Russia from getting around sanctions.

“That’s not specifically about China, but it will apply to every significant economy and the decisions that any of those economies take to try, in an intentional and active way, to undermine or weaken the sanctions that we put in place,” Sullivan said.

Last week, Sullivan warned of unspecified “consequences” for China if it helps Russia evade sanctions. The US has also warned China against helping Russia in its war in Ukraine, but Beijing has strongly denied that it plans to get involved and has repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution.

While the US wants China to cooperate on its Russia policy, the Biden administration just added new sanctions on Chinese officials. On Monday, the State Department announced visa restrictions on Chinese officials over alleged “repressive acts.”

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.