US Won’t Negotiate With Russia on Iran Nuclear Deal

US stance could endanger the ratification of deal

Finalizing the Iran nuclear deal is still a priority, but for the past several weeks concerns about conflicts with US sanctions on Russia have mounted, and may derail the deal.

The Biden Administration is saying that the US absolutely will not negotiate with Russia on the specifics of sanctions against Russia, even to the extent that they contradict US sanctions relief for Iran.

That’s been a concern for weeks, with the US arguing that the Iran and Russia issues wouldn’t overlap, and Russia wanting a guarantee that this would be the case, particularly if they’re expected to process Iranian uranium.

Furthermore, the US is demanding that Russia unconditionally abandon its calls to make sure there are no sanctions conflicts, saying that if they don’t back off within a week, the US will scrap the talks and pursue a separate US-Iran deal without Russia.

That might not be the worst thing to happen, assuming it happened, but it’s not clear how assurances for nuclear technology assistance, and uranium processing, might happen without Russian involvement.

The bigger danger would be for the US to decide they need unilateral deals to spite Russia, then never finish a deal with Iran at all.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of