Iran: West Needs to Make Decisions on Nuclear Deal

Negotiator confirms talks close to the finish line

All indications are that an Iran nuclear deal is close. Iranian officials say what is really needed is for the West to make some decisions on finalizing the pact.

US officials have been dismissive on talk of progress, saying such talk is “premature,” even though they also say time is running out. The Iranians are also saying that no matter how close they are to the finish line, the deal isn’t done until its done.

Iran has been wanting assurances that the deal will last this time. It’s less clear what hold ups there are on the US side, but a deal so far isn’t finalized.

The talks are broadly meant to restore the 2015 deal, and there are no signs of big changes from that, which leaves open the question of why it is taking so long.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of