SDF Reports NE Syria Prison Recovered as ISIS Surrenders

Over 180 killed, toll is expected to rise

One week after the SDF first declared the ISIS prison raid in Hasakeh foiled, the fight is finally over. On Tuesday the SDF reported some 500 ISIS surrendered, and overnight the rest also surrendered.

The Ghuwatran prison is the largest Syrian prison for ISIS detainees, and this was the biggest fight with ISIS since the 2019 fall of the Caliphate.

With the prison compound recovered, the actual toll is being counted. As of now, 124 ISIS fighters, 50 SDF, and seven civilians were slain. That toll is expected to rise as medical services are just getting access to parts of the prison.

The fate of the children held in the prison is still unclear. Estimates were that 850 were held as “human shields” by ISIS, though now that the fighting is over the SDF has revised that down to 700 and still is assessing casualties.

Either way, a week-long fight will serve as an eye-opener on ISIS, showing that they are recovering some of their capabilities after years of minimal relevancy.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of