Houthis Kill Three in Attack on UAE’s Abu Dhabi

UAE says reserves the right to respond

Houthi attacks outside of Yemen tend to hit Saudi Arabia, but Monday’s attack hit the United Arab Emirates city of Abu Dhabi. Three oil tankers were destroyed in the strike.

Three people were killed in the explosions, reportedly a Pakistani and two Indians. Fires were reported at the storage site, and at the airport, though UAE officials said no significant damage was done.

Details are still emerging, but the attack reportedly involved both drones and ballistic missiles. The UAE is part of the Saudi-led coalition invading Yemen.

The UAE responded by claiming that it was a “terrorist” attack by the Houthis, and claimed a right to respond to the “criminal escalation.”

As far as escalation goes, the attack comes in the wake of the Saudi coalition declaring an escalation of attacks on the Houthis, so the Houthis could see this as further retaliation.

The UN is calling for restraint after the incident, though the history of the Yemen War suggests that is unlikely. Both sides tend toward retaliation and escalation, a big reason the peace process has not gotten going. Already, the Houthis are warning of further attacks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.