Saudis to Intensify Airstrikes Against Yemen’s Houthis

Warns Yemenis not to use roads in several provinces

As they have so many times in this war, Saudi Arabia has announced an escalation of the aerial bombardment of Yemen this weekend, admonishing civilians to avoid driving in several provinces at risk of being targeted.

The airstrikes have been centering on Shabwa and Maarib, but they also threatened the Bayda Province, and singled out several districts in Maarib that would  be the most likely to be hit.

This sets the stage for yet more airstrikes, and may be complicated for the Saudis, who are constantly complaining about how many missiles they’re firing, but never seeking a way to scale back.

Weapon shortages will be even worse now, and the Saudi airstrikes, while deadly, are never the end-all, be-all military solutions they’re promising. The result is just further retaliation, and more war.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of