Yemen’s Sanaa Airport Badly Damaged in Saudi Attack

Several buildings targeted at airport

Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa is still taking stock of the damage in the Sanaa Airport after Saudi Arabia’s weekend  attacks. Several buildings were hit, and the damage is substantial.

The airport was already light on needed equipment as it was. With more destroyed in the attack, the airport is in rough shape, and temporarily closed entirely.

Sanaa Airport remains an important part of Yemen’s very limited aid shipping. Already some are saying the airport can’t be used for aid anymore like it is, while some aid workers are calling for it to reopen immediately because there aren’t really alternatives.

Attacking the airport is part of a protracted Saudi campaign to limit aid to the Houthis and northern Yemen. Though individual attacks are spun as legitimate military actions, the trend is unmistakable.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of