Saudi Arabia Launches Airstrikes Against Targets in Yemen’s Capital

Saudis say sites linked to missiles and drones

Saudi Arabia has reported a new round of overnight attacks against Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. Officials say they targeted sites linked to drones and missiles.

This was retaliation for a Houthi missile fired from Sanaa, itself retaliation for weekend Saudi attacks in Sanaa. The latest Saudi strikes focused on the launch site.

The Saudi Defense Ministry said they were taking all necessary measures to protect civilians, which is both not in keeping with Saudi Arabia’s Yemen policy and definitely not in keeping with its growing airstrikes against the densely populated capital.

The cross border attacks from both sides risk further escalating the war, and making it even more costly than it has already been. So far there seems to be little public effort at deescalation talks, nor work on a peace deal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of