Two Civilians Among Eight Killed as Israel Attacks Syria’s Homs

Six soldiers slain in overnight attack

Syria’s air defenses were active around Homs today, intercepting missiles fired at the city by Israel. Several interceptions are reported, though some hit, killing at least six soldiers and two civilian bystanders.

Details are still emerging on what was hit and damaged. The why behind the attack is similarly uncertain, with Israel as usual offering no comments on the attack.

Attacking Syria is common, but attacking Syrian troops is unusual, as most Israeli strikes are attacking Shi’ite militias, presented in the Israeli press as “Iranian.” The strikes tend to hit warehouses near airports too.

State media claimed Syria shot down ‘most‘ of the missiles, and it appears this was a much  larger strike than usual. In the days to come, Israeli media may shed more light on the strike’s intention.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of